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A way to protect high value goods from damage

  • Sealing labels are used to protect packaging during the transmission of confidential information or to protect particularly valuable goods.
  • Security labels are perfect for any industry, especially in areas such as automotive, electronics, household appliances or audio-video equipment.

They are used in services as protection against opening the packaging, which could result in product damage. These labels are also used as bands confirming the origin of CDs or software, among other things.

When trying to break them, sealing labels change their appearance and properties: they delaminate, crumble, stretch, or tear. Thus, it is an ideal way to protect the product or its packaging against unauthorised persons.

BETA-POINT’s offer includes:

  • VOID labels made of polyester foil (available colours: white, matt silver, glossy silver)—when trying to break the label, a VOID inscription or a checkerboard appears on the product and the substrate.
  • Crushing labels (easily destructible) made of matt white PVC foil. They crush when trying to peel off. It is not possible to peel the entire label.

The foils used we use for the production of labels have UL, CSA, RoHs certificates and come from reputable manufacturers.

Each order is different and requires numerous tests. If you need support and professional advice on product security, we are at your disposal.

We have been on the market continuously since 2000, gaining not only a strong position, but also hundreds of satisfied customers. It is worth to trust us—we act quickly and professionally, trying to meet all your expectations.

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